UlaTech: The ULA ALTcoin from Vietnam

Meet UlaTech, one of the ALTcoins that is provided on the Coinexchange.io Bitcoin & ALTcoin trading platform. The shortname of UlaTech is ULA.

Some info from the website about the background of the coin:

ULATECH Joint Stock Company was established on 06/07/2017 with its headquarter located at 1254 Xo Viet Nghe Tinh St., Hoa Cuong Nam Ward, Hai Chau Dist. Da Nang City, Vietnam. As a company specializing in technology, Ulatech offers services related to programming, web design, phone applications, games etc. Having experienced and passionate staff along with the professional management, the company has been bringing people the best technology products to meet the demand of every customer.

According to their website, the location of the company behind UlaTech should be here

The UlaTech website also states that they have finished the following roadmap points. You will also see that some of the projects have not been finished yet.

You can trade ULA directly on CoinExchange.io. They have two block explorers. The first one you can find here, and the second is here.

Their GITHUB can be found here and they also provide a working wallet which you can download on their official website.